Sany Automobile Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Sany Crane is one of the three core business units of Sany Heavy Industry, mainly engaged in R& D, manufacturing and sales of wheeled, crawler and tower cranes. Featuring integration of innovative design, good quality products and excellent service, Sany has become the No. 1 brand in China′s large-tonnage crane market.

At present, Sany crane family includes mobile cranes ranging from 12t to 1600t, crawler cranes from 25t to 4000t, and tower cranes from 5013-5 to 8040-25. Sany leads the development of the biggest tonnage cranes in China, Asia, and even the world. Since the launch of Sany crane′s products on the market, it has won the trust of customers with its advanced technology, lean manufacturing and reliable services.

Sany Crane is responsible for two major industrial parks in Ningxiang, Hunan and Huzhou, Zhejiang.

Ningxiang Industrial Park is located at No. 168, Jinzhou West Street, Ningxiang High-tech Development Zone, Changsha. It is a research and development and production base for wheeled cranes and tower cranes.

Huzhou Industrial Park is located at No. 2188 Daishan Road, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. It is the research and development and production base of crawler cranes.

Development history timeline

In 1994, Sany developed China′s first large-displacement high-pressure concrete pump.

In 1998, Sany developed China′s first 37m boom pump truck.

In 2006, Sany developed China′s first 400t crawler crane.

In 2010, Sany developed China′s first 1000t wheeled crane.

In 2017, Sany developed the first special wheeled crane for lifting wind turbines in the industry.

In 2019, Sany developed the world′s largest 1600t wheeled cranes.
Product List